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[D870.Ebook] Download PDF Body, by Harry Crews

Download PDF Body, by Harry Crews

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Body, by Harry Crews

Body, by Harry Crews

Body, by Harry Crews

Download PDF Body, by Harry Crews

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Body, by Harry Crews

In his highly acclaimed 11th novel, Crews has written a wild, weird black comedy that takes place over one weekend during a women's bodybuilding competition. A secretary has found a new life as a champion bodybuilding contender, but her turns things upside down with their redneck antics.

  • Sales Rank: #632311 in Books
  • Brand: Brand: Simon n Schuster
  • Published on: 1990-09-01
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Used Book in Good Condition

From Library Journal
Female bodybuilding competition is the background for a tale of ambition, success, and failure. Shereel Dupont, a leading contender, has been trained to a fine-tuned perfection by Russell Morgan. At the Ms. Cosmos contest Shereel is confronted by her past as Dorothy Turnipseed--mother, father, sister, two brothers, and a former lover from the backwoods of Georgia. Bawdy humor is generated by the Turnipseed family, and conflict is supplied by Marvella, a big black woman who is Shereel's only real competition. The interplay among the leading characters is propelled with lean prose and dialog to an ending that is as shocking as it is inevitable. Not as powerful or controlled as the author's A Feast of Snakes ( Atheneum, 1987. pap.) or as surrealistic and fascinating as The Knockout Artist (LJ 4/15/88), this is still a taut, readable book that the author's fans will savor. First serial, Playboy . -- Robert H. Dona hugh, formerly with Youngstown & Ma honing Cty. P.L., Ohio
Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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bizarre page-turner
By Chapulina R
A strange dark comedy, "Body" is the story of a small-town Southern hick transformed into a bodybuilding superstar. "Shereel Dupont" is everything Dorothy Turnipseed was not -- sophisticated, admired, perfect. But although she could mold her physique, unfortunately she could never change her pedigree. And when the Clampet-esque Turnipseeds show up at the Ms. Cosmos contest to root for their hometown gal, all hillbilly hell breaks loose. The bizarre characters in this novel are remniscent of the wacky creations of Carl Haaison, yet they bear a disturbingly creepy familiarity to real people. The narcissistic Shereel, the steroid-monstress Marvella, and the bullying trainers -- every gym rat has met these folks. The eccentric, socially-inept kinfolk, an embarrassing reminder of a former forgotten life... And the brooding redneck boyfriend whose violent Vietnam past is constantly on the verge of eruption... Thanks to Crews' absolutely brilliant writing, these characters are real and their antics believable. I couldn't put this book down. The fastpaced plot careens wildly and often uproariously toward an unexpected, twisted climax. "Body" is out of print, as are many of Harry Crews' works -- a shame really. He is a truly unique author.

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Not his best, but his funniest
By trainreader
"Body" tells the story of the fiercely fought annual body building competition, that takes place at a Miami Hotel. The two main characters are Shereel Dupont (born as Dorothy Turnipseed), and her slave-driving, borderline sadistic manager/trainer Russell Morgan (a/k/a Russell Muscle). That Shereel will prevail in the middleweight division (114-124 lbs) is a foregone conclusion, but, to win the coveted title of "Ms. Cosmos," she must beat the 156 lbs. of pure muscle, steroid-enhanced, Marvella Washington, who she has faced a few times before. According to Russell, winning is everything, anything else -- whether it be second or last place -- is utter failure, and, unfortunately, Shereel buys into this.

What makes "Body" unique and hilarious, is the introduction of Shereel's eccentric southern family (parents, two brothers, and one sister) and psychopathic, Vietnam Vet, knife wielding boyfriend, known as "Nail Head." Their love and affection for Shereel is unwavering, even if they're uncertain as to exactly what she's doing. In a bizarre sub-plot, Shereel's portly sister Earline, and a male bodybuilder nicknamed "Billy Bat" (he has the best back in the world) fall in love, and have a sexual encounter that only Harry Crews can dream up. Russell is going out of his mind trying to prepare Shereel for the contest, while simultaneously containing the Turnipseeds and Nail.

In the meantime, Marvella's trainer, Wallace "The Wall" Wilson, has his own hands full with Marvella's four shucking and jiving sisters, all with names that rhyme, and all potential champions in their own right. Until the shocking ending, there are a number of passages involving the families of Shereel and Marvella which will have the reader laughing out loud.

What I especially like about "Body" is how Crews describes the best and worst sides of athletic competition. At best, this body-building competition bridges the gap between people of all different races, religions and cultures. The differences between the bodybuilders are irrelevant in the face of the universal desire to compete and win. The racist attitudes of some of the characters are shown to be utterly absurd. On the other hand, Crews depicts the dangers of a win-at-all-costs attitude, whether through chemical enhancement, or the belief that even coming in second place means complete failure.

Although I thought that "The Knockout Artist" and "A Feast of Snakes" were better Crews' novels, "Body" is his funniest work, and thoroughly enjoyable. Harry Crews writes in a completely unique voice, and I regret that he seems to have retired.

(Note: The character Russell Muscle appears in several of the author's other novels, as well).

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
Wonderful and Funny Novel
By Chad Radford
This is a really fun novel to read. It is a tragicomedy about a female bodybuilder who is competing in a major bodybuilding contest and has completely re-invented herself from a redneck to a hard as nails bodybuilder. Unfortunately her redneck family shows up and this threatens to destroy her image and her chances of winning the contest. And they are a bunch of nutcases indeed. Its a really great novel that is funny throughout yet does end tragically. It also touches on the issue of female bodybuilding direction and struggle of whether the women need to pump themselves full of steroids and get as big and muscular as possible or whether they should stay drug free and stay more feminine looking. It is a real struggle for female bodybuilders today and its great that the book does touch on that issue.

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[D870.Ebook] Download PDF Body, by Harry Crews Doc

[D870.Ebook] Download PDF Body, by Harry Crews Doc

[D870.Ebook] Download PDF Body, by Harry Crews Doc
[D870.Ebook] Download PDF Body, by Harry Crews Doc

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